Most Nigerians agree that we need change in many aspects of our national life and national institutions. But in my mind, if there is one place, we needed urgent and revolutionary change, it is in the Nigeria Police (Force or Service). This is because Nigeria Police is fully symptomatic of what is troubling Nigeria and therefore, if we get the Police right, many other matters will fall into place. For example, our perennial low position on the Transparency International globalCorruption Perception Index (CPI) is influenced strongly by the pathetic picture of our Policemen extorting money from drivers in the full glare of the public. It must however be pointed out that this seems to be an embedded culture of the Nigeria Police,which has long characterized the force, almost from creation.This matter has troubled me for many years and I had taken a few actions to see if I could help stop this practice without any iota of success while putting my life at risk.
First was as a primary school …


Last week the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) released what looked like the Periodic Table which we used in the O-level Chemistry class to determine the valency of metallic elements, announcing the dates of elections in Nigeria up to 2043 or so. Some people saw this as a strategic and audacious move of projecting the future. Indeed INEC said they did this to bring some certainty to election dates in Nigeria. Many other commentators have mocked INEC for 'forming work', that is pretending to be working when actually there is no work being done. They think that INEC is leaving the substance and pursuing the shadow. Some think all this was INEC's response to the "effrontery" of the National Assembly in trying to change the sequence of elections in Nigeria. The executive is decidedly unhappy about this and it looks INEC has gone on overdrive to project the President's desire.  But there is little INEC can do, as it is their lot to implement the law…


PMB's 3-point Agenda is facing very strong challenges from all sides. The President said his focus was going to be on the Economy, Corruption and Security. On coming to office, he promised to make the economy buoyant (including making the Naira equal to the US dollar). He was going to fight Corruption to a standstill or indeed kill corruption before corruption killed Nigeria and lastly to restore Nigeria's security and make it a safe haven for all. Recently we interrogated the 'doing well' of our economy and concluded that though the economy is recovering from recession, it is not yet doing well as unemployment, underemployment, misery index and poverty rate have worsened. The misery caused by the persisting fuel scarcity (Over 3 months now) is unrelenting, afflicting more of the poor and rural dwellers, affecting agricultural out put negatively. We have advised a single minded commitment to the implementation of the Economic Recovery & Growth Plan (ERGP) and a ful…


One of the greatest virtues President Muhammadu Buhari( PMB) is associated with is Integrity. This popularly marketed virtue is the back bone of the faith Nigerians have in PMB to fight corruption. This was the primary promise made to the people of Nigeria and this was also the main reason Nigerians voted him into power. Therefore one would expect that the President would ordinarily not do or permit to be done anything that would impugn his integrity. When the story about his former SGF Babachir Lawal broke, following Babachir's indictment by the National Assembly, many Nigerians were shocked that it looked as if he was being shielded from facing the law. PMB quickly set up an- in house committee to investigate the indictment and he was soon absolved. But the National Assembly stuck to their gun, supported by the civil society and subsequently forced PMB to set up another investigative committee now headed by the Vice President. It took nearly six months for the report to be acted…


The only defence offered by the FGN to OBJ's letter to PMB was to educate him on the great strides of the government on the economy. The Government asserted that OBJ must have been too busy to notice the wonderful works done by PMB on the economy with an implied presumption, that had OBJ been less busy and more observant he would have seen the signs of a bubbling economy instigated by the wonderful policies, programs and projects being faithfully implemented across the length and breadth of Nigeria. In which case OBJ's verdict would have been different and perhaps he would have advised PMB to seek re-election in 2019 and perhaps attempt a third term as he(OBJ) attempted.
The unassailable truth is that Nigeria's Economy is on the recovery mode. Nigeria's economy that contracted for 5 quarters between Q1 2016 and Q1 2017 precipitating a recession, the first time in 25 years has begun to expand, hence our exit from recession from the Q2 of 2017. The lowest dip in GDP was a…

ACCELERATING BUSINESS GROWTH IN 2018: riding on the wings of a recovering economy

The Accelerating Business Growth Seminar is organised primarily to open the eyes of entrepreneurs, business leaders, industrialists, business development managers, strategic planning managers, marketing and sales executives, accounting managers ad all operators in the economy to the emerging developments in the Nigerian economy and how to take early advantage of them to prosper and resume growth in 2018. The focus of the seminar are: Assessing Nigeria's economic performance in 2017;Understanding Nigeria's economic outlook for 2018;understanding the drivers of Nigeria's economic recovery and growth;Full understanding of the 8.6 trillion federal government budget and what is in for you;Discovering opportunities in the economy and how to exploit them;Taking advantage of special concessions to SMEs and agri-businesses;Understanding business enablers for 2018 - marketing, sales, cost control, management and governance;optimizing financing opportunities from CBN, BOI, commercial b…


The emergence of a third force which former President, Olusegun Obasanjo heralded in his recent famous letter to PMB is ordinarily a good development for Nigeria's polity. For now, OBJ  recommends that it remains a movement, a coalition of Nigerians who dislike both APC and PDP or who do not trust that any can save Nigeria from its present dysfunction and descent to anarchy.Or those that do not see any good candidate emerge from these parties in 2019. Or could it be a movement of people who want political power but can not find any space in APC or PDP? Or is it just a movement to ensure PMB does not try 2019 and that if he insists, then the coalition will ensure he does not succeed? For me the idea is good but for it to succeed the motives must be altruistic, not parochial, not selfish.

In most nations of the world with two strong parties, there is always a third significant party where those who lose out in the two parties find shelter. It is also a place where those who do not ag…


Like him or hate him, Olusegun Obasanjo is an enigma. I am convinced that God has granted him a special grace to influence the course of events in this Nation for good or for bad, sometimes for a mixture of both. There is no living Nigerian Leader who is like him and I can not easily remember any past Nigerian leader who was quite like OBJ. He is unique in many respects. When you ask some Nigerians to give you a list of the bad political leaders Nigeria has or has had,you will find Obj's name prominent in the list sharing the podium with leaders like IBB, Sani Abacha, Shehu Shagari, Orji Uzor Kalu, DSP Alamesiagha, Bunu Sheriff, James Ibori, Rochas Okorocha, etc .When you ask what he did to merit such classification,they would readily reel out such actions: he plotted for a third term, he massacred Tivs in Zaki Biam, obliterated Odi Village, wasted so much money to give Nigeria darkness, introduced Ghana-must- go politics to the National Assembly, concessioned Nigeria to himself t…


When oil prices begin to rise as they have been doing in the last couple of months, particularly in the last few weeks, my heart begins to palpitate. Last week, oil prices crossed the $70 per barrel landmark in a steady recovery from $28 dollars low it hit in January 2016. Not because I play in the Industry and so could be getting excited that more cash and more profit will be flowing in. My trepidation comes from the fact that my Nation would soon get high on petro-dollar and head right back to its past practice of profligacy. From 1967 when the 6-day war between Israel and Egypt led to the first significant rise of oil price and the several rounds of oil boom since then and the inevitable corresponding bursts, Nigeria has shown a frightening inability to optimize the often un-budgeted income.
In 1973 the Yum-Kippur war or the Arab-Israeli war ignited a major growth in oil prices, resulting in high levels of unanticipated income for the Nigerian Nation. This was just a few years after…